Self-Care and Setting Boundaries

Where are you falling short in trying to balance it all? How can you avoid overwhelm? How can you take care of yourself so that you can support those around you?

Balancing work and life requires being clear on our values, purpose, and priorities, and having strategies to make changes. Work-Life Balance Coaching involves setting boundaries, quieting our inner critic, and putting attention to our well-being so that our brains can think, communicate, and problem solve with less reactivity and more clarity.

When we know what to say Yes and No to, how to communicate these decisions, and when to ask for help, we have more well-being, well-thinking, and peace of mind.

Success Stories

Managing Stress

Goals: To reduce stress and make time for life outside of work.

Key Challenges: Perfectionist tendencies and stressful relationship with boss.

Outcomes: Practiced stress reduction strategies; built confident communication; set work-home boundaries; felt re-engaged at work.

Increasing Self-Care

Goals: To make time for self-care and health.

Key Challenges: Constant work demands and work crises.

Outcomes: Started an exercise and meditation practice; felt healthier; handled crises more calmly.

Clarifying Priorities

Goals: To reduce overwhelm and make a plan for tackling life and family demands.

Key Challenges: Balancing full-time work with family needs and demands.

Outcomes: Clarity around prioritization; created short- and long-term plans; attended to key family needs.

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