Quarterly Q-Jam

Good leaders ask questions. Great leaders have the right ones.

Expand your toolkit of questions and hone your coaching skills

Join a community of leaders who know the power of questions. Together, we will talk through questions to:

  • Help with your challenges
  • Reflect on your leadership and impact
  • Empower and motivate others
  • Create your life intentionally

Next Q-Jam will be May 22 from 12-1 ET.

Q-Jams are interactive practice sessions. Please bring some blank index cards or paper to create your personal coaching card deck.

You can also purchase a deck of Coaching Cards.

About Deb Elbaum

Asking questions is my superpower, and I’ve been asking questions my whole life. To be fair, when I was a teenager, most of the questions I asked my friends revolved around crushes. These days, I use coaching questions to help leaders clarify their thinking and decision-making to decide where to invest their time and energy.

I host the monthly podcast In the Right Direction, which shares bite-sized thinking tools and strategies. Listen to the secrets of being a great coach.

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