We all want things, for our relationships, our career, and our life. We want love, we want to grow, and we want to thrive. Yet, too often, our thoughts are about what’s not going well – the challenges, worries, and problems. What if you had a way to shift your thinking from what you don’t want to what you do want?

There’s a simple question that can help get to the heart of the matter. This question can help us get clear about what’s important to us, and it can help us invite those we live and work with work to focus their thinking.

In this episode, Leadership Coach Deb Elbaum dives into when, how, and why to use the question, “What do you want?” With examples and detailed explanation, she equips you to coach yourself and others using this powerful question. If you are ready to create more happiness and purpose for you and those you lead, press the play button now.

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Listen in to this podcast about another powerful question to improve your leadership and presence.

Executive and Leadership Coach Deb Elbaum

Are you a leader who would like to think and act more calmly, clearly, and confidently?

I work with senior executives and emerging leaders to help them better manage leadership challenges — whether navigating challenging work environments, communicating more confidently, or making high-stakes decisions. If you would like to learn strategies to shift unhelpful mindsets and behavior patterns, contact me now for a complimentary strategy session.
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