Executive presence is not just for executives. It’s for everyone, because people notice what we do and say. And if we are doing and saying things that leave a negative impression, it can undermine our relationships and influence.

Being aware of and intentional around how you show up helps you create the impression you want to make. It helps you be seen as the leader you want to be and have the impact you want to have. And it’s easy to start creating a confident and clear executive presence. It all starts with one question.

In this episode, Leadership Coach Deb Elbaum shares the powerful coaching question — and how to answer it — so that you can choose an intention for how others see you and give your brain a roadmap to think and communicate clearly and positively. If you’re ready to start building your executive presence and setting and manifesting your leadership intention, press the play button now.

Full transcript here

If you want to learn other confident communication strategies, listen in to this podcast.

Executive and Leadership Coach Deb Elbaum

Are you a leader who would like to think and act more calmly, clearly, and confidently?

I work with senior executives and emerging leaders to help them better manage leadership challenges — whether navigating challenging work environments, communicating more confidently, or making high-stakes decisions. If you would like to learn strategies to shift unhelpful mindsets and behavior patterns, contact me now for a complimentary strategy session.
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