Do you ever look around at other people and their successes, and wonder if you’ve achieved enough or are as far along in your career as you should be? Life is not a straight, upward trajectory. Remembering this and defining our life story and the shape of our life can help us feel more confident about the choices we make and the narrative we tell.

Today’s conversation is a big picture one. Inspired after reading the book “Life is in the Transitions” by Bruce Feiler, Leadership Coach Deb Elbaum shares what she knows – from working with clients for years and from her own studying and practices – to be true about life.

Knowing that we matter, knowing that we get to define our own success, and knowing that we are the author of our story is empowering and validating. In this episode, Deb shares guiding thoughts and questions to help you feel reassured that there are many ways to do life “right” and that you are OK.

If you want to get out of the weeds and into the big picture, press the play button now.

Executive and Leadership Coach Deb Elbaum

Are you a leader who would like to think and act more calmly, clearly, and confidently?

I work with senior executives and emerging leaders to help them better manage leadership challenges — whether navigating challenging work environments, communicating more confidently, or making high-stakes decisions. If you would like to learn strategies to shift unhelpful mindsets and behavior patterns, contact me now for a complimentary strategy session.
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