Your Next Steps

What’s next for you? A new role at your organization? A move from subject matter expert to strategic thinker? A board seat? Or bringing your transferable skills to a new role or industry entirely? If you’re feeling ready for more oversight and impact, Career Advancement Coaching can help you move forward and level up.

After we identify your goals, we’ll outline a tailored roadmap for your specific needs. This will likely involve:


  • Helping you get clarity about what you want and why it matters
  • Honing your brand and messaging
  • Creating a focused networking plan, so you know who you’re reaching out to and why
  • Identifying opportunities that are exciting to you
  • Preparing you for interviews
  • Building your confidence, motivation, and positive mindset

Read more about my work with Advancing Women Leaders here

Success Stories

PR Lead High Tech industry

Goals: To advance in the organization and manage a bigger team.

Key Challenges: Received feedback that behaviors and communication were not seen as on a leadership level.

Outcomes: Built self-awareness and new behaviors around giving feedback and having critical conversations; promoted to global role.

Interim Executive Leader Healthcare

Goals: To successfully step into Chief Medical Officer role and lead others.

Key Challenges: Lack of experience and lack of clarity around expectations.

Outcomes: Onboarded successfully; built leadership presence; communicated key tough decisions successfully .

HR Leader Human Resources

Goals: To move from individual contributor to people manager.

Key Challenges: Lack of comfort delivering feedback and having tough conversations.

Outcomes: Developed strong communication abilities; given a team to manage; developed leadership confidence.

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