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Speaking and Coaching Workshops

Are you offering virtual workshops to support organizations during this "new normal"?

Yes! I offer virtual, interactive, customized workshops to help teams and organizations navigate this time, build resilience, recognize what is and is not in their control, and create new agreements for how best to work together virtually.

Contact me. I look forward to talking with you!

Can you tell me about your workshops and speaking engagements?

Sure! Check out my upcoming speaking engagements here.

I speak at and present workshops to both small and large organizations. I tailor my talks to the needs of the audience. My talks are interactive, upbeat, and engaging. Audiences leave feeling calmer, more in control of their lives, more connected with each other, and with concrete tips and tools they can immediately put into action.

Some of my current talks  include:

  • Navigating the New Normal: What is and is not in Your Control
  • Living in a VUCA World...and How to Feel Empowered
  • Virtual Meetings: Why They are Bad for the Brain and What You Can Do to Help Your Brain Be Happier
  • Retrain Your Brain for Calm, Clear Leadership
  • Positive Thinking: How to Shift Your Perspective to Think Well
  • Effective Networking....Even During a Pandemic

What do workshop participants say about your workshops?

Thanks so much for presenting and coaching at our team meeting today! It was, and will continue to be very helpful for me, and your insight on this topic is very inspiring!
-Takeda Pharmaceuticals

I have participated in plenty of workshops for stress management, but this one was different. I thought the blend of science and practice and personal experience-sharing made for an excellent session. Deb is a knowledgeable and helpful facilitator. I gained a lot from the session. Thank you!
-Chief Content Officer, Healthwise

Thank you for the stress management session today.  I found it very helpful as we are trying to manage the stress of work as well as the stress of personal life/family during this unusual time.  I especially found helpful the guidance to ask the questions:  “ What values are most important to you? And what might be important to others?”   and, asking “what is the one thing you are grateful for”.  This allows me to think of others’ perspectives and also step outside my daily work.  As soon as our session was over, I sent my team a note telling them how grateful I am to work with them and for their positive attitudes during this unpredictable time.   It felt really good to write it and the responses have been equally encouraging as they are being shared across the team. I appreciate you giving us several tools to manage stress (both personally and with our teams) so we can vary between them as needed. Thank you for taking time to meet with us today.  It was wonderful to get to meet you.
-Chief Financial Officer, Healthwise

Thank you for an uplifting session today. I have heard great reviews from all of the leadership team members that attended.
-Senior VP of HR, Healthwise

Deb - Thank you so much for an incredible session! It really resonated with the [leadership] team and was an incredibly helpful way to launch our retreat.
-T3 Advisors

Deb, thank you for your inspiring session this afternoon. Not only for the content, but your thoughtful and open approach to the session was refreshing. I feel invigorated to dive into my personal action plan and am looking forward to sharing out some techniques with my team. Can’t thank you enough!”

...Mental wellness in a work environment needs to start with leadership. Acknowledging and recognizing the problem is the first step. Applying new skills will be [critical] as we begin change."
-Participants at Empowering Women: Using Neuroscience to Maintain Leadership Composure

I really enjoyed the workshop on Setting Boundaries. I left with a stronger sense of where I want the boundaries in my life to be as well as decision-making and communication strategies to support those boundaries. The presenters were knowledgeable, professional and relatable."
-S.F., Newton Mothers Forum

Deb did a great job getting everyone to come out of their shell and share a bit about their own experiences. While we learned a great deal from her, she also helped us learn more from each other. I think all of us left the room feeling more in tune with our own values and goals, as well as more empowered to network and build new relationships."
-E.S., Core Member of AstraZeneca’s Network of Women

I loved the three-tiered approach of grounding in our bodies, grounding in our most important values (the foundation of our "Yeses" and "Nos"), and following a simple forumula for structuring potentially uncomfortable conversations with those with whom we need to set boundaries and thoughtfully speak our truth. Great teamwork!"
-K.C, Workshop Participant

I recently attended the Boundaries workshop with a bit of trepidation not knowing exactly what to expect and feeling a bit out of my comfort zone. That being said, I was pleasantly surprised, finding it an informative, practical and safe environment to gather the tool set and support I need to successfully navigate the boundary setting process. I would highly recommend this workshop."
-C.K., Workshop Participant

I thought it was a great program with a great group of people. I am so glad that I went. It was good to think about what you say No to and get some clarity about that and how that works with your boundaries."
-R.D.B., Workshop Participant

As a group speaker, Deb creates a relaxed environment that allows people to be honest with themselves and others. She helped us remind ourselves of our positive qualities, what's important to us, what's missing, and how to get it back or find it for the first time. She inspired us to start a journey and gave us specific steps to take to get there. She's thoughtful, motivational, and a joy to spend time with. Thanks, Deb!"
-A.S., Workshop participant

Deb presented the topic of “Boost Your Professional Presence: The Art of Being Confident” at de la Femme. Her talk touched on a subject that many women, and even some men, find important in their professional growth, as evidenced by the high turnout (over 130 attendees!). Deb taught us techniques to tap into both our thoughts and body so that we can boost our confidence in ourselves – everything from the “power pose” to “phrases to avoid.” Deb was very engaging and encouraged the attendees to chat with each other about their experiences in job interviews, presentations, speaking up at meetings, etc. By the end of the evening, I could tell by the buzz of conversations that everyone came out of the meeting feeling more empowered and exuberant. The event was a hit. Not only was it fun, but we also came away with concrete tools that we can practice, and that will help with our career development."
-S.W., Co-Founder, de la Femme

Read additional praise from clients and workshop participants here.

Where have you spoken?

Past speaking engagements include:

  • Karyopharm Therapeutics
  • Veracode
  • Takeda
  • Maine Women's Conference
  • Linkage's Women in Leadership Institute
  • American Heart Association
  • Bryant University Women's Summit
  • Toastmasters District Conference
  • The Bioscience Network
  • Sun Life Financial

What's next?

Contact me for a conversation about how I can help your organization.

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