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Coaching Services

Executive Coaching, Leadership Coaching, and Advancing Women Leaders

Coaching via Zoom or phone

My purpose is to equip leaders at all levels with education, strategies, and action plans to help them maintain their effective thinking, communicating, and speaking. I work with senior executives and emerging leaders all over the world to help them shift the mindsets and behaviors that are getting in their way, so that they can lead with impact, vision, and a sustainable plan. My specialty is working with clients in healthcare, biotech, tech, pharma, legal, finance, academia, and nonprofit organizations.

My approach to leadership development coaching begins with a foundation of neuroscience to help you understand your mindset and behavior patterns, and then we layer on leadership concepts and models to build out your leadership presence. All along, we weave in concepts including confident communication, high-level strategic thinking, and stress management so that you are well equipped with the tools you need to manage your leadership challenges, whether that be increasing efficiency, inspiring teams, or persuading stakeholders.

I use the following relevant leadership concepts and assessments in my work:

My clients are individuals in the US and internationally who are committed to their professional development, as well as organizations who believe in the importance of investing in the development of their executives and emerging leaders. Together, we create coaching packages tailored to meet the needs of the individual or organization. The minimum coaching package is 3 months long, although most clients engage in 6- or 9-month leadership development programs.

Please contact me for more information about how I structure a coaching engagement, pricing, and details.

Career Transition Coaching

I work with mid-career professionals who are exploring or navigating career transition. We address the main pieces of career transition, including personal introduction, brainstorming possibilities, networking, interviewing, and building confidence. Career Transition Coaching programs are 3 or 6 months long. Please contact me for pricing and details.


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