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Praise for working with Deb

Deb's approach to executive coaching was interactive, and helped me identify the barriers in terms of my leadership and executive presence. Through her method of asking questions, the answers naturally flowed and I found strategies to overcome those barriers. Now, I am confident and assertive, and my team is doing great meeting its goals.

-H.H., Biotech Executive, Masssachusetts

What I got from executive coaching with Deb is brainstorming opportunities. Brainstorming allowed me to walk through different paths and identify possible results so I could choose what worked best for me. We brainstormed situations, goals, and learning opportunities, and Deb always brought the topic back to what was most effective for me.

-K.C., Healthcare IT Executive, Washington DC

Deb brings a terrific blend of expertise to her coaching. I learned neuroscience-based insights into how my brain's automatic patterns can get in the way of my success, and strategies for shifting my thoughts and even my physical postures in more productive and powerful ways. Deb encouraged me to believe in myself and feel more confident about what I know, what I can do, and the value I can bring to an organization--and gave me practical advice for how to effectively communicate about that value. My work with Deb was an excellent investment in my future happiness and success.

-D.S., Solution Strategist, Massachusetts

Deb helped me focus on patterns in my thinking I wasn't quite aware of and that were affecting me negatively. She helped me think of ways to turn them around. Our sessions were always positive, and she always helped me see things in a different light, from a new perspective. Deb also shared lots of helpful tools.

-D.K., Financial Services Executive, New Jersey

I began working with Deb at a time when I was questioning much of my work and my path forward. She helped me work toward my leadership goals in three areas: with clients, with project teams, and within my company. A key part of this process was creating tools and strategies to reposition my mindset from self-doubt to confidence. Throughout our work together, Deb reinforced her suggestions with evidence from neuroscience that gave me a useful framework for my growth. I now have a system to underpin my professional aspirations that I can continue to build upon and I’m reinvigorated for the future.

-B.T., Senior Consultant, Massachusetts

Deb's practice brings generous listening and evidence-based practice to your leadership/job transition journey. She also brings brain scienc to bear on honing your strengths and shoring up your weaknesses. She exudes a warm, caring, positive energy.

J.S., President of OU-Tulsa, Oklahoma

It was really great to work with you—I learned a great deal and you’ve helped me put in place a mindset and habits that will help me continue to grow as a leader.

B.K., Hospital CMO, Massachusetts

Deb, Thank you for your support over the last few months. I am excited to start my new job on Monday, and I couldn't have done it without you!

A.T., Biotech Leader, Massachusetts

Deb helped me evaluate a career opportunity and gain clarity that while I had a high-prestige job opportunity in front of me, it was not truly the right fit. I was tormented by the decision in the moment but felt so much clarity after working with Deb. Deb has also made me think about trusting my inner voice and the power of positive thinking and positive language. Today, I more often remind myself to not always focus on, "what happens if this fails?" but to also consider the possibilities of "what happens if this succeeds?"

J.G., Global Director, Strategic Alliances, Massachusetts

Deb naturally went with a coaching style that embraced the way I learned best. While we incorporated some tools and methods, Deb chose them based on what she was hearing from me vs. a cookie cutter method. She gave me some options and opportunities to experiment and explore. This made me feel that Deb was just as interested in what she could learn from me as she was with how she could best serve as my executive coach. This inspired me to open my mind to growth.

D.R., VP at St. Jude Children's Research Hopsital, Tennessee

I had the pleasure of working with Deb for just about a year. Deb provided me with the essential tools that helped build my confidence both in myself and my leadership skills. While I feel like I’ve mostly been able to see the big picture, I haven’t always recognized how I fit into that picture. Now I feel confident where I sit and how I can add value to both the company and my team. In addition to building my own confidence through this program, I have learned how to apply coaching and mentorship skills across my teams and life in general. What I appreciate the most about Deb is her flexibility allowing me to pivot from the more tactical day to day places a leader can sit to seeing the bigger picture through common themes and patterns of behavior and thought. With continued practice, the skills Deb has taught me will carry me through a lifetime of wins. I would recommend Deb to anyone looking to build their leadership toolkit.

J.T., Director of Delivery at a consulting company, Massachusetts

From coaching, I got a better tool set to evaluate and respond more effectively in tough situations, for both myself and for the other people involved. Deb was able to helpfully push me by listening, asking questions, and guiding me to make the best decisions for me.

H.T., Senior Practice Director at a consulting company, Massachusetts

I am incredibly grateful for my coaching time with Deb. I remember being both intimidated and inspired when first speaking to Deb. Since then, I've grown so much from what Deb has taught me: various frameworks for leadership, sense of purpose and mission (being above the line!), engaging and coping with my inner critic, application of awareness and mindfulness, dealing with stress and existential crisis!, and most recently exploring what my future might be. Deb's approach to coaching is clearly effective because of her personality, depth of knowledge, and talents cultivated specifically to develop leaders.

J.L., Biotech leader, Boston

Deb has been a great executive coach! Session after session she helped me build awareness on my potential and organize baby steps to reach my goals with exercises and tools that are were very handy. She is a great listener and could picture very quickly the situations I had to deal with.

A.G., Chief Operating Officer at a biotech/med device company, France

When I first contacted Deb, I felt completely aimless in my career and was second-guessing every decision and opportunity that came along. Working with Deb helped me understand where I was stuck in my thinking and learn how to approach decisions or questions more flexibly. She was able to very quickly get where I was coming from and share useful concepts and ideas. Deb introduced me to techniques to practice to both change my thought processes and boost my confidence, which ultimately allowed me to be able to better articulate my value to myself (and others) and decide what types of opportunities I do want to pursue. And it was all done in trial-sized pieces so I had small, tangible exercises to try out between our sessions without feeling overwhelmed. I am grateful to Deb for helping me find some forward motion and energy in my career.

A.H., Global Health Consultant, North Carolina

What I especially appreciate about the coaching is that it was hands-on coaching. It was not only the theory, but also the translation of the theory into practice. In my opinion, that's what differentiates you as a coach. We focused on the daily practice.

S.H., Head of Immunology Franchise at a global pharma company, Germany

When you go to a leadership conference, you might think,"Oh, here we go again" and be guarded. But if you trust your coach and the process, you find that you reach your overall goal of increasing your leadership effectiveness. I am very glad that I trusted Deb and her coaching approach,. Getting her perspective was invaluable to me. Trying strategies she suggested has been a game changer.

T.A., Director of Security at a Children's Research Hospital, Tennessee

My work with Deb has changed the way I live and work at a core level. I started my sessions with her to help me uncover the blocks I had to being successful in my business. I knew my ways of thinking were part of the problem but I couldn't see my way around it. In our sessions, she was able to help me see how my ways of thinking were deeply ingrained from my early years and how I have been carrying so many self-limiting beliefs. Once I was able to let go of old stories that just got in the way of my success, I was able to think much more clearly. She also helped me come up with techniques to avoid getting stuck in negative thinking. Because of her background in neuroscience, it was fascinating to have her observe my speech patterns, word choice and thought processes and she was able to call out my unhealthy habits and help me replace them with more self-affirming, productive ones. If you want to make a major change in your life or if you want to start living and working in a more purposeful way, I would highly recommend working with Deb.

-K.F., Entrepreneur, Massachusetts

Deb helped me frame what was important to me, and to have the confidence in my strengths.

-A.M., Research Director, Connecticut

Coaching helped transform my professional life from one of frustration to one of increased leadership, excitement, and optimism. At the beginning of the coaching, Deb immediately understood where I was and where I was trying to go. She came up with little "stepping stones" and gave me tools each session to keep me moving forward. More than that, though, was her personal touch and understanding approach, which were invaluable.

-M.M., Engineering Manager, Massachusetts

I began working with Deb at a time when I was questioning much of my work and my path forward. She helped me work toward my leadership goals in three areas: with clients, with project teams, and within my company. A key part of this process was creating tools and strategies to reposition my mindset from self-doubt to confidence. Throughout our work together, Deb reinforced her suggestions with evidence from neuroscience that gave me a useful framework for my growth. I now have a system to underpin my professional aspirations that I can continue to build upon and I’m reinvigorated for the future.

-B.T., Senior Consultant, Massachusetts

Deb, This experience with you has been 5 star for me. I came to you with a need, all wrapped up in paralysis, fear, guilt, and indecision. You guided me through the simplest exercises on our first visit -- which illuminated for me how many options I really had. Something that, somehow, I just didn't realize. From there, the path just revealed and each step of the way, with defined and achievable goals, I experience steady and measurable progress, which brings me to today -- exactly(!!) where I hoped to be. Thank you!

-J.G., Massachusetts

I enthusiastically recommend Deb to people looking to grow personally and/or professionally. She has a wide array of techniques to help people improve the quality of their lives on a daily basis. She is persistent, thoughtful, supportive, and funny. And she leads by example, as she pursues professional development opportunities that in turn benefit her clients. She couples superlative listening skills with an impressive ability to guide clients to focus on what’s important. My heartfelt thanks.

-S.G., Lawyer, teacher, editor, Maryland

Deb's coaching style has been exactly what I needed. She was 100% with me, intently listening, providing verbal and non-verbal feedback. Her supportive energy was so present that it allowed me to feel fully comfortable and willing to be led by her. Deb's balance (or should I say "dance") between compassion and persistence invited me to dig deeper, stay focused, and be productive!
I so loved this experience and would highly recommend Deb to anyone.

-F.G., Engineering manager, Massachusetts

Deb's skills as a coach are strong. I was in a tough situation regarding moving forward professionally. Deb helped me see what I am truly capable of and, with that, helped me take a big and needed step forward in my career. Her coaching helped me see that I had it in me to have the impact I want to have. I am very grateful to her for her expertise.

-G.G., Physician, Massachusetts

Deb quickly figures out where you are, picks you up (if, when, and as necessary along the way) and gently guides you through the fog of chaos to the clarity of a new, great beginning.

-E.B., HR Executive, Texas

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me. I can feel my attitude adjustment already. You are a gifted coach with much to offer your clients. After our session, I sat for more than almost two hours in a state of calm. You are the gift that will keep on giving. Thank you!

-T.G., Senior executive, non-profit organization

Deb helped me figure out my next steps in my career and navigate the uncertainty by helping me break it down into small pieces, connecting me to my reasons why, and holding me accountable. She provided guidance and support with purpose and without judgement.

-L.H., Preschool teacher, Massachusetts

Deb was a great coach for me during a time of career uncertainty and family transition. She guided me to be in control of my thoughts and environment and what to say “Yes” and “No” to in my life. I gained the courage to do many small and big things, including: asking to move to a different desk in my office, volunteering as an online writer/ marketer, and speaking up to my boss about bullying happening in the workplace. So many positive changes in my life are in motion, and I’m grateful for the support Deb provided me!

-L.B., Digital designer and artist, Massachusetts

Deb’s method of coaching is very approachable, empowering, and supportive. She was great at asking the right questions & getting me to think about things in a new light. I learned so much about myself & my capabilities, and even more so how to activate those & have confidence. I felt like she was equally influential in both my personal life & professional career.

-A.G., Project Manager, Massachusetts

Deb has a gift for pushing you to think bigger, see things differently, and get past your own limiting beliefs that get in the way. I appreciate her knack for asking just the right question at just the right time, and her ability to stay with her clients every step of the way. She isn't afraid to ask the tough questions or to push you out of your comfort zone - which is where growth and transformation occurs.

-S.Y., Leadership Coach, Iowa

Deb presented the topic of “Boost Your Professional Presence: The Art of Being Confident” at de la Femme. Her talk touched on a subject that many women, and even some men, find important in their professional growth, as evidenced by the high turnout (over 130 attendees!). Deb taught us techniques to tap into both our thoughts and body so that we can boost our confidence in ourselves – everything from the “power pose” to “phrases to avoid.

Deb was very engaging and encouraged the attendees to chat with each other about their experiences in job interviews, presentations, speaking up at meetings, etc. By the end of the evening, I could tell by the buzz of conversations that everyone came out of the meeting feeling more empowered and exuberant. The event was a hit. Not only was it fun, but we also came away with concrete tools that we can practice, and that will help with our career development.

-S.W., Co-Founder, de la Femme

We are fortunate to have had you as a speaker. There were many smiling faces throughout the evening. I thought the moment that the women learned that they are not alone in their thoughts and feelings most impactful.
"My colleague and I really enjoyed your talk last night – it was excellent."

-Boost Your Professional Presence Workshop Participants

Changing jobs can be a daunting process. Deb helps to naviage the journey with a combination of straight talk, practical advice, and insightful, supportive coaching.

-B.F., Educator, Connecticut

Thanks, Deb! I loved the workshop!
Thank you so much for the other night. Everyone really enjoyed it!...I loved the exercises we did.
It was a great night!

-Time for YOU Coaching Workshop Participants

Thank you again for being a life raft for me in stormy seas!!

-L.B., Brand Manager, Massachusetts

I knew I had so many career choices - and that was the challenge, too many. Deb helped me realize what needed to be prioritized and which options were truly the right ones for me to pursue. Also, Deb helped me come to the realization that I needed to take action to balance my life by more consistently incorporating my hobbies and interests into my life.

-J.F., Senior Director, New Hampshire

Deb is a great listener and has a keen ability to understand and meet you where you are. She is very knowledgeable and has many strategies to help you grow into the person you are meant to be.

-S.L., Integrative Health Coach, Massachusetts

Hi Deb, It was great meeting you. Thank you for your presentation. That exercise was really fun. It was really helpful to drill down a bit and feel what really makes my heart sing!

-T.C., Coach and Workshop Participant, Massachusetts

Deb was a supportive and kind coach and mentor to me to help me be deeply reflective on my current job and my life more broadly. I learned so much about how I internalize the world around me and have gained greater control over how I approach both personal and professional situations with more positivity and gratitude.

-R.W.J., Education Consultant, Massachusetts

I’ve been in therapy for many years, where it takes a long time to see and feel progress. Our guided discussions with real-time feedback and direction helped me to quickly get to the core of the issue and find tangible ways to address them, as compared to a way that took a much longer time in therapy.

-C.K., International Development Professional, Massachusetts

Deb helped me leverage my strengths. For example, I am a scientist who is very verbal and social and have trouble planning and executing. She suggested I create a silly nickname for my planning clipboard. I now have a pink clipboard with a silly nick name (that everyone in the family uses). It may sound stupid, but it helped me get a very challenging research paper done and accepted by my professional physics association. I also learned that I naturally have much genius and less plod (to paraphrase Churchill). Improving the plod has made life much better. Thank you, Deb.

-A.H., Physicist, Massachusetts

I am the chair of a networking group for professionals in transition in the greater Boston and southern New Hampshire areas. Deb was the speaker for our June event, and spoke on "Clarity, Choices, and Your Job Search." She was a resounding success. Her organized look at the issues, insights, use of several audience exercises, and comfortable and engaging presentation style all contributed to an enjoyable, stimulating and very useful learning experience.

-J.S., Chair, Temple Emanuel of Andover Networking Group, Massachusetts

When I first contacted Deb, I was a couple months away from my graduation in college and I had no direction or plan to find a job and start my career. I was feeling defeated in a way. I thought she would be a traditional coach who would give me some typical advice straight out of a book, but she proved me completely wrong. Through her sessions, we were able to accomplish so much in so little time! We discussed everything such as networking, creating plans of actions, interview preparation, the value of positive energy and body language, just to name a few. Most importantly, she made me feel more confident about myself and what I can accomplish. She never told me what I should be doing, she simply helped me realize I had it in me already and helped me put it out there in a clear, positive way.

Ever since, I went from having no prospects into having several leads on possible jobs, with some close to making me an offer! I must say, to figure out that I already knew most of what I needed to succeed in my job search was the most empowering situation I had in my professional life so far, and I can't stress enough how Deb was essential in that process." [Update: Client received a job offer soon after writing this.]

-R.C., Financial Analyst, Missouri

Deb provided the perfect combination of insight, expertise, and practical support to help me find a full-time job after a decade of freelancing/consulting. She helped me identify my priorities and optimize my strengths. Then, her practical tools, advice, and honesty speeded up my job search, with a happy ending. Best of all, her coaching opened new pathways of thought and action in many other areas of my life. I wholeheartedly recommend Deb to anyone seeking new direction and inspiration at midlife, or anytime.

-S.J., Writer/editor/communication leader, Massachusetts

Deb is a thoughtful and empathic coach. She was able to help me think more creatively about how to reframe my thoughts and self-talk to increase my confidence and feelings of self-worth. I would refer to her without reservation!

-M.O., Certified Transformational Coach, Florida

Without any reservations, I would highly recommend the coaching services of Deb. She has been a tremendous help in my successful search for my first job back after ten years of caring for my children. As you can imagine it has been a difficult transition, there were times that I just wanted to suspend the search in frustration, but Deb always brought me back to the table with her own blend of "tough love." Now that I have that job I have had to reach out again to her for help with the adjustment to the working world. She has worked with me to problem solve, formulating an approach that gives me the confidence to go forward and advocate for myself and others successfully. I have nothing but the best to say about Deb and her services and endorse her practice wholeheartedly!

-D.K., Medical Social Worker, New Hampshire

In just one session, I felt empowered enough to believe that I have some control of my destiny. The job search process is debilitating and I've struggled (as you know) with whether I should continue studying. There are times when the doubt comes back, but [my strength] is there to move those doubts aside. Thank you!

-J.D., Education Professional, Massachusetts

Deb was able to get me to focus on what I am actually interested in doing. She helped me identify what actually drives me and what the important things in my life are. I was able to then freely talk and acknowledge my personal and professional goals. This empowered me to make important decisions in my life.

-M.K., Physician Executive/Entrepreneur, Massachusetts

I found your coaching workshop to be very helpful personally and I know that as of yesterday, other [medical] residents were also still thinking about the workshop and how it helped them personally. I think what I found most helpful was thinking about what I truly value and that it's ok (and necessary) to prioritize (meaning putting them in my schedule first) those personal values.

-L.B., Physician, Massachusetts

Deb is a caring, supportive person and working with her was a pleasure. She has this gentle way of seeing past the confusion and overwhelm to help you focus on what needs to happen next. She was always patient and positive and brought a much-needed perspective and clarity. Her thoughtful encouragement was very helpful.

-A.C., Intuitive Healer, Massachusetts

When I look back at the journey to where I am today and people who helped to get me here, it was your coaching that made the greatest difference. Your calm guidance and ability to help me see for myself the right path helped me to overcome my fears and accept that this was truly the right life change. Thank you for all your time, energy and kindness. You have a gift for this work.

-M.S., Rabbinic Student, Massachusetts

The workshop Deb presented to our food allergy educational support group was a huge success. It was a wonderful opportunity for people to learn how coaching works by hearing a clear explanation and then experiencing it for themselves. Deb was then able to help people apply the insights and new perspectives they had gained from a few interactive exercises to their own issues or challenges. Everyone was able to participate and share at their own comfort level. She created an atmosphere that was respectful, reflective, engaging, and thoroughly enjoyable.

-S.S., Director of Education and Programs, Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, New England Chapter, Massachusetts

As brave as I WANT to be as I work on myself, I can still struggle with being guarded. Deb has a warmth and a presence that just keep growing and are very disarming, making real progress possible.

-S.T., Business and Personal Development Coach, New Hampshire

Talking with Deb added a new dimension to my problem-solving strategy. While I’m great at analyzing a problem to death, Deb’s holistic approach helped me see the whole path.

-R.R., Church Administrator, Massachusetts

Before I had the opportunity to work with Deb, I was at a loss of how I was to realign my values with who I really am. During our sessions, Deb helped me to create a space where I was able to comfortably utilize my own desire to bring light back into my life. Today, I can honestly assign credit to Deb for her trust in me and, at the same time, my acknowledgement that more can be accomplished when we are open to progress with a purpose.

-M.R.S., Director, Business Development, Massachusetts

Deb has given me direction and focus as I navigate a complicated personal and professional life. She has the unique ability to hone in on an individual’s core values, which allows her clients to see different ways of processing complex situations. She is naturally empathetic and intuitive, and that opens an important door to constructive conversation. At the same time, she balances this with a firm vision, guidance and authentic support that allows her clients to evolve and achieve success. Coaching with Deb is a wise investment.

-E.D., Public Relations Strategist, New Hampshire

Deb led our women's group in a stimulating, sharing evening of 'A Taste of Life Coaching.' In just more than an hour, her provocative questions and gentle, insightful style had us all reflecting deeply about what's important to us, and about using our 'newfound' understanding in our lives going forward.

-L.R., Co-Leader, Women of Temple Beth Elohim, Massachusetts

Coaching for me was a bimonthly retreat. Intentional space carved out for me to dream and to find important, real, and useful meaning in my dreaming, without my inner critic or outer critics getting in the way. Through coaching, I am more in touch with what makes me feel “alive,” what makes me glow, and when that feels distant, I have tools at my fingertips to reset my propeller and re-inspire me to move in a more welcoming direction.

-L.O., Stay-at-home parent, Illinois

Coaching is a phenomenal way to help you find clarity in areas of your life that may feel stuck. The process assists you in finding the true meaning of where you are and why. It gives you clear steps, big or small, to work on week by week. I have found more peaceful moments in my days and depth in my vision for my future. Deb is a warm, open, receptive, and an empathic listener. She re-frames what I am talking about in a positive light and I look forward to what each session will uncover.

-J.H., Educator, Massachusetts

Working with Deb is a truly delightful experience. She brings a wonderful curiosity and lightness to her coaching, and the results are amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed working with her, and I discovered much more in myself than I could have even imagined. I've made some significant changes and gains in my life as a result of my coaching with Deb.

-M.B., Director of Corporate Potential/Acting Marketing Director, Grappone Automotive Group, New Hampshire

Deb is gentle and not easily shocked. I feel that she hears me and thinks about what I'm saying. It's like when you are talking to a really caring and good doctor or internist; that's a very good quality!

-S.P, Executive coach and consultant, Virginia

I greatly enjoyed my sessions with Deb. Her fun and kinesthetic exercises helped me to instantly understand how I could draw on my past strengths to identify and conquer my weakness.

-S.I., College professor, Massachusetts

Deb is kind, compassionate, and directly supportive. It was easy for me to make true progress and stay focused.

-N.S., CEO, consulting company, Florida

I loved Deb's coaching. It took me by surprise. I expected something more business-y and not spiritual. The coaching comes from a spiritual place – a Zen place – rather than a "let's plan it out" place. Deb helped me move forward in a great way. She is an excellent listener; I felt heard and understood.

-A.H., Sales associates, Massachusetts

I found Deb's coaching extremely helpful. The questions were extremely provocative in a gentle, holding way. They helped me find a different lens or angle that hadn't been there before. I think that by ending a coaching session with having me do something that is proactive and something I need to work on is brilliant.

-M.G., Clinical psychologist, Massachusetts

I loved working with Deb. She is patient, understanding, kind, and supportive. She always gave me a lot to think about, and I felt like I had cleared my head (and heart!) after a session with her. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for support in achieving personal goals and/or growth.

-J.K., Stay-at-home mother, former marketing executive, Massachusetts

Great session yesterday! I feel really energized by it. You helped me clarify my goals and vision. Thanks, as always, for your help. Knowing you're out there is pushing me to be my best!

-E.M., Reiki practitioner, Massachusetts

Our strategic conversations and goal setting resulted in a fresh perspective on my life, including tackling fear head on and winning.

-E.T., President,, Massachusetts

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