Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

How you do describe coaching?

Coaching is a process to help people feel empowered, happy, calm, and clearer about their life. In a coaching session, I ask lots of questions and use fun and easy exercises so that you can think about your life from a positive place. Read what clients have to say about coaching and how I work.

If you are committed to your personal growth and are ready for coaching, contact me.

Who are your clients?

I do my best work with men and women who are enthusiastic, motivated, and committed to their personal growth. They want their personal and professional lives to reflect their values, strengths, and priorities. I work with:

  • Job seekers
  • Career changers
  • Company leaders
  • Women reentering the workplace
  • Professionals wanting to build communication skills and confidence for networking, interviewing, and speaking
  • Anyone who wants to feel less stressed!

What happens during a coaching session?

Our initial coaching session will lay the foundation for the work. You’ll outline your goals and vision for yourself. You’ll also get clear about your priorities, values, and strengths.

Subsequent sessions will focus on your agenda. I email my clients the day before each coaching session with questions for you to consider. By answering these questions ahead of time, we can make the most efficient use of the coaching session. Each session is tailored to you, and we always end with homework for you to do.

How often will I work with you?

Most clients have coaching sessions every other week, for 45-50 minutes a session. I usually coach people over the phone, although we can work via Skype or meet in person if you are in the Boston, MA, area.

How long can I expect to work with you?

It usually takes at least three months for people to start making shifts in their life. The change comes from you; your motivation and commitment to your personal growth will determine the pace.

How much does coaching cost?

Please contact me for my rates, as coaching fees depend on the frequency and length of coaching.

What can I count on you for?

As your coach, you can count on me to:

  • Be honest, nonjudgmental, and unbiased
  • Keep the coaching process focused and moving forward
  • Be 100% committed to you and your agenda
  • Celebrate your successes!

What is required of me?

Bring your motivation, honesty, and openness to the process. During the sessions, I also ask that you not be driving or have a phone or computer screen in front of you so that you can focus.

What if I’m ready to take action?

Contact me to schedule a complimentary phone strategy session. Let’s get started!