Here’s to 2015!

As a coach, I am almost always in the position of asking my clients questions. This time of year, especially, is a great opportunity to ask my clients to reflect on all they’ve accomplished, what they are proud of, and what they are choosing for themselves next year. For fun, I thought I would share my thoughts about those things, as I say goodbye to 2014 and hello to 2105.

What I’m most proud of from 2014

1) Finishing my coaching certification and passing my written and oral exams. 2) Saying YES to lots of things, even those things that scared me and caused a flutter of inner angst. Want to write a chapter for a book? YES! Want to collaborate with us to lead a conference about igniting personal growth? YES! Want to get hypnotized to stop eating sugar? YES! (Luckily, the result from the hypnosis was short-lived.) 3) Consciously building my already supportive community of friends and family to create an even bigger community for myself. I am deeply grateful for my friends and colleagues all over the world whom I love, respect, and admire.

What I want to say goodbye to by the end of 2014

1) Old stories that play like a broken record in my head and serve only to keep me stuck and undermine my self-esteem. Goodbye false assumptions about myself and my work! 2) Situations and people whose values are in conflict with mine. I will carefully choose the projects I take on, whether at my child’s school, in the community, or with coaching. 3) Letting fear and anxiety take over when they are not warranted. I imagine this will be the hardest to accomplish, but I remind myself that I have lots of tools and people to support me.

What I’m looking forward to in 2015

1) Becoming a published author! I am so fortunate to be partnering with a group of talented coaches to create a book about transformation. 2) My clients! I can’t wait to see who comes knocking on my door. Whether women wanting to build confidence as they return to work, or professionals looking for a career with greater purpose, let’s get to work. 3) The three-day workshop in April that I will be leading with my amazing and inspiring colleagues. 4) Precious family moments, including my oldest child graduating high school, a nephew’s bar mitzvah, and my parents’ 50th anniversary.

A few weeks ago, at the Massachusetts Conference for Women, I bought a mug from the company IamTra. In simple black and white lettering, it proclaims that “I am Positive. I am Open. I am Limitless.” This is my intention for 2015.

What is yours?

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