Confidence Coaching

Confidence Coaching

What could you do if only you had more confidence? Speak up at work? Start a business? Try rock climbing?

I think confidence is critical and underlies everything we do. There’s a quote that I love that says, “You have the right to take up the right amount of space.” That is what I believe confidence is: it is knowing that you matter, that you have gifts and strengths to share with others and with the world.

Think about it — in order to take a risk, you need bravery and confidence.

Luckily, there are ways to boost your confidence! In my confidence-building program, we focus on how you think about yourself, how you carry yourself, and who you surround yourself with. We create a Confidence Action Plan, with baby steps you can take to start building your confidence.

Contact me for a complimentary conversation to talk about the “space” you are ready to fill.