Akashic Record Readings

Akashic Record Readings

NEW! Phone Akashic Records Reading!
Akashic Readings are opportunities to ask for your soul’s wisdom. The answers you get are words, ideas, and images that help you get clear about who you are, why certain patterns keep coming up in your life, what you need to know about your relationships, and what you need to know about your strengths and purpose.

When I access your Akashic Records, we are not coaching. Rather, I am asking your questions to your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones.

Here’s what clients have said about an Akashic Records Reading:

“You have a great reading style while in the records. Your message work was so meaningful, insightful, concise, and confirmed what I needed to hear. Your messages resonated with me and I am so grateful. I truly felt “energetically charged” after we exchanged readings.”

“I wanted to follow up on the Akashic records reading. I have not stopped thinking about the music metaphor that came up and seeing myself as an orchestrator…Long story short, some business decisions I was wavering on became more clear…Just wanted to say Thanks!”

“Thanks so much for today’s session. I have felt so much lighter and it gave me a wonderful perspective that definitely resonated with me.”

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